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Taiji (Tai Chi) Instructor

Shannon Luo

Shannon Luo has practiced Taiji (Tai chi) for more than 9 years under Master Sun ZhenKang.  Shannon also studies the other two traditional Chinese internal martial arts, XingYi Quan and Bugua Zhang.  Shannon is a silver medal winner in 2018 and again in 2023.  Shannon is a member of the USA WuShu Team for 2023 - 2025 (Internal Martial Arts).



Shannon founded Tao's Taiji Academy, a PA non profit organization to devote her efforts to help American public and school system in the nearby area realizing the health benefits from Taiji (Tai Chi) practices.

Shannon is passionate about Taiji (Tai Chi) teaching.  Shannon graduated with Master degree from Beijine Normal University of China and MBA from the George Washington University of the United States. 


Shannon has been researching ways and methodologies to enable students learning Taiji correctly and effectively. 


In Tao's Taiji Beginner classes, there will be emphasis on Taiji (Tai Chi) fundamentals that will enable you to learn Taiji (Tai Chi) the right way regardless if you have Taiji (Tai Chi) or martial arts experience.  Shannon combines the traditional Taiji teaching with her own years of learning experience and modern educational theories to provide you the best of both worlds so that benefits from Taiji practices can be realized more effectively and efficiently to help you start on your journey to a stronger physical and mental health the right way.

Learning Taiji the right way is priceless. 

 Introduction Video

Visit Master Sun's Website:

        Sun School of Taiji And Martial Arts

Teaching Taiji (Tai Chi) Shannon's Way

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