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Chamber of Commerce Interview Tao's Taiji


Tao's Taiji will be helping Western Chester Countty Chamber of Commerce with a unique networking experience that combines professional connections with the tranquility of Tai Chi stress management.

Immerse yourself in the art of Tai Chi guided by an expert instructor. Discover gentle movements and focused breathing techniques to cultivate mindfulness and reduce stress.

 Read more or register here.

Free Taiji Seminar for Chamber Members

Shannon, the founder of Tao's Taiji Academy, is to provide Downingtown Public Library a Taiji introductory class for the library's teen program in the first two weeks of January 2024.  It is aimed to introduce tools that would help middle school, high school and college students coping stress, improve focus... Read more or register here.

Helping Teens

Shannon will be supporting a Taiji program brought by Atglen Library for the community of the area starting Jan 5. 2024. This three month program is free to the public.  All it needs is your library card.  


Come and join a Taiji (Tai Chi) Fundamentals class where you will learn Taiji principles, Taiji QiGong (meditation with mindfulness), Taiji history, and a path for further developments. Take away practices and techniques that you can use to benefit your life forever.  

Read more or register here.


Adult Taiji Program at Atglen Library

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