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Who are suitable to learn Tao's Taiji (Tai Chi) Beginner classes? 

Any active individules regardless if you do regular exercise or have experience in any form of martial arts or not.


When is monthly tuition due?

Monthly tuition is due the first week of the month.


Do you have family discount?

Monthly tuition for a family with more than one student is redued to $70 or $125 each for Class 100-1 or calss 100. 


Do you have a referral program?

Yes.  Current student will receive 50% off his/her monthly tuition for a full month with every new student referred. 


What are benefits of practice Taiji (Tai Chi) and where to find details about Taiji Classes?

Please check out what experts said and studies about Taiji (Tai Chi) here and Tao's Taiji (Tai Chi) courses outline here.


When and where are Tao's Taiji (Tai Chi) Classes held?

Go here (or click on the "Check Taiji Courses" button below) for a list of courses.  Select a course of your interest, click on "Read More" to go to the course detail page to see when and where (at the bottom of the page) the course is held at.  



Additional Questions?

If you have additional question, please text (302) 761-0858. 

Or contact us here

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