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Sun School of Taiji & Martial Arts


  Founded in 1996, Sun School of Taiji & Martial Arts follows the traditional training methods of Chinese Martial Arts as taught by our founder and head instructor, Master Kevin Zhen Kang Sun and his long time students.  
  Master Zhen Kang (Kevin) Sun has been a student of Traditional Chinese Martial arts since the age of six. He has had the good fortune to train with several of China’s most prestigious Martial Arts Masters.  Master Sun possesses an Education Degree in Martial Arts from LiaoNing Sports University and has over 40 years of teaching experience in both China and the United States.  

  Due to Master Sun’s extensive experience, our school offers instruction in a wide variety of styles from Taiji (Tai Chi), Xingyiquan to Baguazhang. 


  We study Taiji and martial arts to strengthen our body, mind, and morals. We exchange and interact with one another to understand the essence of Taiji and martial arts, to create a strong body, and cultivate a clear mind. We study Taiji and martial arts to benefit ourselves and others.  We never allow ourselves to use martial arts to harm others, and never abuse martial arts. With this basis, we study Taiji and martial arts to nurture our virtues and morality.  -- Master Zhen Kang (Kevin) Sun



Class Offering

Basic Class:  Taiji (Tai Chi) Beginners,  Taiji (Tai Chi) Beginner (Advanced)

Advanced Class:   XingYi, Push Hands, BaGuanZhang


For more details, email or fill out Contact form below.  To read testimonial from past students, go here

 John-Ruben A, PA

“I have been studying Baguazhang with Shifu Sun for almost 8 years, if not more. He is the real deal with knowing, understanding and practicing Chinese Martial Arts. He is of a select few that knows the traditional teachings that were not modified by the modern day wushu. I highly recommend learning from him for those that want to learn traditional styles."

Timothy D, DE

"It is no over-exaggeration to say that the Sun School of Taiji & Martial Arts changed my life. As a longtime martial artist, I have been a member of numerous schools and practiced a wide variety of martial systems. It was not until I met and trained with Master Kevin Sun that I finally felt I was part of a true Martial Arts experience. Master Sun is the living embodiment of a Martial Arts Master. His tutelage is second to none. He speaks from a place of prolific experience and deep wisdom. Through his guidance, my martial skills have sharpened, I have a better since of what it means to live a deliberate, martial life, and I feel more at peace with the world around me. If you desire a World Class Experience, look no further than the Sun School of Taiji & Martial Arts.."

William M, DE

“Master Sun is the real deal. His teaching style is superb and he knows how to assess what a student needs and works with them to achieve their goals. The instructors are also knowledgeable and friendly and welcoming.”




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