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Taiji Beginner 200


(Access Unlimited* Classes)
* Exclude Cohort Classes


3 months, 45min/time

Enroll in Person Only

About the Course

After Taiji Beginner 100 class, Shannon's Taiji (Tai Chi) Beginner 200 class will continue practice the principles learned and continue to learn

-- Taiji Cat Walks

-- Taiji Stances (Level 2)

-- Taiji QiGong Eight Brocade(八段锦) (enhancement)

-- Taiji Eight Method (Taiji Eight Form)

About Instructor

Shannon Luo

Shannon Luo has practiced Taiji (Tai chi) for more than 9 years under Master Sun ZhenKang. Shannon also studies the other two traditional Chinese internal martial arts, XingYi Quan and Bugua Zhang. Shannon is a silver medal winner in 2018.

Shannon is passionate about Taiji and is devoting her effort to help the American public and school system in the area realizing the health benefits from Taiji via Tao's Taiji Academy, a PA state non profit organization.

Shannon Luo


AmKor Karate of Coatesville
126 Airport Road
Coatesville, PA 19320


Starting Date: Oct 4, 2023

Enroll in Person Only
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