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Taiji Beginner 100 - Cohort (加强班)


(Access Unlimited Classes)


6 months, 45min/time

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About the Course

This class is tailored based on the student's actual progress. The Cohort classes are reserved for those who are kind hearted (good Xing Gong 心功) and want to go deeper into details and to perfect Taiji practices to maximize many benefits from Taiji practices. This class requires passion, dedication, patience and applying active learning skills to your Taiji study and practices. This class will also learn some theoretical knowledge that is beneficial for better understanding of Taiji principles and practices.

This class will progress based on students' situation instead of a set timeline for achieving certain learning goals.


1) Completion of Taiji Beginner 100

2) With a kind heart and ready to help

3) Volunteered for Taiji classes/activities

With this Taiji Beginner Cohort class, you will

- further your Taiji learning on many details

- improving and perfecting your Taiji skills

- learn basic theoretical knowledge of what Taiji has developed with and what make Taiji uniquely bring the most benefits to people of all ages

- incorporate theoretical knowledge into daily Taiji practice

- participate in peer discussion and learning experience sharing to help each other improve more

Over the long run, you will realize much more benefits from your Taiji practices.

About Instructor

Shannon Luo

Shannon Luo has practiced Taiji (Tai chi) for more than 9 years under Master Sun ZhenKang. Shannon also studies the other two traditional Chinese internal martial arts, XingYi Quan and Bugua Zhang. Shannon is a silver medal winner in 2018.

Shannon is passionate about Taiji and is devoting her effort to help the American public and school system in the area realizing the health benefits from Taiji via Tao's Taiji Academy, a PA state non profit organization.

Shannon Luo


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Not Started

Course Not Started
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